Town’s busiest bus stop to get major facelift after being labelled an ‘eyesore’

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THE busiest bus stop in Musselburgh, which has been branded an “eyesore”, is on the road to a major facelift.

The town’s area partnership is planning to invest thousands of pounds to transform the town centre site, next to the local Citizens Advice Bureau, into a new spacious seating area for members of the public.

Area partnership manager Stuart Baxter said: “We hope to remove the fence behind the bus stop on High Street and open that whole area up the public.

“This would get people away from the road

The seating would be improved, with circular seats round the tree, and some nice planting and slabbing, hopefully like that done at the Town Hall, would be carried out.

“The footpath would also be widened and more room created at the bus stop. It also means that if people don’t want to sit at the bus stop, they can sit further back at the tree.”

New area partnership chairman Iain Clark explained that the work would improve access on the pavement at the bus stop, which was difficult at the moment.

He said: “This is an important project by the area partnership, as it has been high on the agenda for people in Musselburgh.

“It is the busiest bus stop in Musselburgh and this will give people more space.

“It starts to smarten up the town and develop it. The Town Hall is a bit nicer looking with the way they have slabbed it.”

Mr Baxter could not confirm the timescale for the £15,000 to £20,000 project, as the partnership did not want to start the redevelopment until work on a proposed extension to the neighbouring CAB, due to start at the beginning of October, was completed.

“There is no point in redeveloping that area until the work is finished, as they will have builders and materials at the site,” he added.

Mr Baxter said that the new-look public seating area would not stop those from the Eskgreen care home from congregating at the site in the event of a fire, as was the present arrangement.

Irene Tait, chairwoman of Musselburgh and Inveresk Community Council, said: “That particular bus stop is the busiest and most used in the town, and is a bit of an eyesore.

“It is in need of some tender loving care.

“Hopefully it will be upgraded very soon. “I will be delighted when it happens.”

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