Payday Loans: your rights, their responsibilities

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The Scottish CAB Service is urging consumers to understand their rights when taking out a short-term or ‘payday’ loan. Payday loans are an increasing issue for bureaux clients across Scotland, and we would like your help to monitor the lenders to ensure fair and responsible lending practices.

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Do you want to complain about a lender?

You can learn more about the charter and the lender’s responsibilities on Adviceguide: reasons to complain. This information will help you decide if you have cause for complaint, and if you feel that you do, use our template letter to write to the lender and complain that you have been treated unfairly: letter to make a complaint about a lender.

Are you currently having problems with a payday loan or lender?

If you have current problems with payday loans and would like advice, please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 04 05 06. There is also online advice on payday loans on Adviceguide: Adviceguide – Payday Loans.

If you are experiencing debt issues, there is a step by step guide on dealing with debt and getting advice and support on Adviceguide. If you need further assistance thereafter, you should contact your local bureaux to arrange an appointment. Find out where your nearest bureau is at

Cheaper alternatives to payday loans

There are cheaper alternatives to payday loans but the availability of these options will depend on your circumstances – if you have a poor credit rating and/or are in financial difficulty, we urge you to seek debt advice from your local citizens advice bureau or the Money Advice Service. They can help you manage your finances and support you towards a sustainable financial future. For many, high cost credit may be the only option for crisis situations, but there is support to help you look to the future and avoid further financial emergencies.

Financial products can be a minefield – a huge range of choices, different interest rates, and complicated terms and conditions – but Adviceguide can help consumers make informed choices about which products are most suitable for their needs. For more information about borrowing money, see Adviceguide: Borrowing Money.

Other consumer organisations like Which? campaigns to protect consumers’ rights, reviews many consumer products, and offers independent advice on a huge range of consumer issues. For more advice and information on borrowing options, Which? have set up a guide to credit and loans. Finding the best ways to borrow looks at the products available to consumers, and will help you find the best credit deal for your needs.

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