Hope for traffic warden replacements in East Lothian by October

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Traffic Wardens

EAST Lothian Council hopes to have traffic warden replacements on the county’s streets by October, despite councilors appearing unsure when it would happen.

Concerns about people flouting parking restrictions have been raised on a regular basis since traffic wardens were scrapped more than two years ago.

It was hoped that private parking attendants would be in place by the start of this financial year.

However, when that failed to materialize, it was suggested that they could return on the back of the Holyrood elections in May.

Last Thursday evening, at the Dunbar and East Linton Community and Police Partnership (CAPP) meeting, Councilor Michael Veitch, council spokesman for roads and transport, said he was still unaware as to when parking attendants would be introduced.

He said: “Decriminalized Parking Enforcement is with the Scottish Parliament at the moment. It could be weeks, it could be months [before we hear back], I don’t know.”

And, at Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council this week, Councilor Shamin Akhtar said she understood they would be “on the streets by December or January”.

However a council spokeswoman said: “We’re hopeful wardens will be in place in October if we get the go-ahead from Transport Scotland.”

Twelve months ago, the council approved plans to bring in private parking attendants.

Among their roles will be enforcing coastal car park charges which are not being paid. Currently the responsibility of Police Scotland, they did not issue any fines between July and April.

A report will come before councilors on the policy and performance review committee looking at the impact of coastal car parking charges in the county.



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