Plans for a major settlement on the outskirts of Musselburgh

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Interest Only MortgagesPLANS for a major housing development near Old Craighall, south of Musselburgh, and ones like it could help ease housing pressures in the county by making the surrounding area more “interesting to developers”. Cala Homes’ ambitious plans for land surrounding Newton Farm, Millerhill – which would straddle East Lothian’s border with Midlothian – include housing, a park and ride facility, and “community facilities, including education”. The company’s parent firm Cala Management has submitted a Pre Application Notice to East Lothian Council and is expected to hold public consultation events next month, although these have still to be confirmed. They have not specified the number of houses involved but it is expected to be a significant number as the site runs the length of Old Craighall Road from Old Craighall to Millerhill, bounded by the Edinburgh City Bypass to the east and the A1 to the north. If approved, it would completely dwarf – and change the character of – neighbouring Old Craighall. The proposals are the first of several which are expected to be made in the coming months for the area west and south of Musselburgh, after the proposed new town of Shaw Fair, in Midlothian, was confirmed. Councillor Norman Hampshire, East Lothian Council’s planning committee chairman, expected more developments to follow. Speaking as the new town at Shaw Fair was confirmed as going ahead, Mr Hampshire said the new community there would help East Lothian’s housing pressures by opening up land to the west of Musselburgh and making it attractive to developers. He said: “Shaw Fair is a good thing for us as it makes the land to the west of the A1, next to Musselburgh, suddenly interesting to developers. “It has given us new options, which helps at a time when we are under pressure to provide so many more homes.” Mr Hampshire said planners from East Lothian, Edinburgh and Midlothian were working together as communities sprawled over county boundaries. He said: “It may be people who move in to Musselburgh developments to the west of the A1 will look to Shaw Fair for facilities, so we will need to discuss things like school provision.” And he revealed that plans to create a new slip road at Queen Margaret University so motorists can directly access QMU from both sides of the A1 were also being looked at. Mr Hampshire urged residents to get involved in any forthcoming public consultations events concerning new developments. He said: “These houses are coming and have to go somewhere. People need to get involved, and come with an open mind. Don’t just say you don’t want them near you, have an alternative, or solid reasons. “We want public input as we shape future planning in the county

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