Many Older Scots missing out on unclaimed benefits

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Hundreds of thousands of older people in Scotland are missing out on social security money they are entitled to because they are not claiming it, according to Citizens Advice Scotland.

The Scottish CAB network is today joining with the Scottish government to launch a campaign urging people to seek CAB support in claiming the benefits they are entitled to.

Citizens Advice Scotland’s Chief Executive Derek Mitchell says,

“Many people are entitled to claim financial support that could make a big difference to their lives, but they don’t claim it because they don’t know how to, and in some cases they feel embarrassed about claiming. This is often particularly true of older people.

“Our message today is that nobody need hold back from claiming what they are due. You’ve earned it, so claim it, and the CAB network is here to help you. Our trained advisers will assess what benefits you are entitled to and help you go about making the claim".

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